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Dancing is one of my passions that has the tendency to give me my best escape. When I dance, I lose myself in the music and the movement. It doesn’t matter whether I’m happy or sad, elated or devastated… It always takes me to my magical place.

I never had any formal training/lessons/classes growing up. I was just a member of my high school’s dance troupe and cheerleader team and my university’s cheerleading squad. It was only on my 4th year of college that I attended my first legit dance class. But despite the lack of proper mentors or trainors growing up, that never stopped me from doing and improving in what I loved to do.

I eventually attained the dream of dancing professionally and was part of two professional dance companies in the Philippines, one of them my dream group for the longest time. Dancing also gave me an unexpected surprise… When I moved to Turkey, I eventually started dancing at Istanbul’s biggest dance studio under Omer Yesilbas. I was recruited into his Dans Fabrika team and we went on to compete and win the title of National Champions for Turkey.

Traveling, another passion of mine, also brought me to experience the culture and way of life in different parts of the world. Yet somehow, I still can’t shake off dancing. This is why, when possible, I attend dance classes or meet dancers whenever I travel to different countries.

This was where the project idea was born. I’ve always wanted to take dance videos but I’ve always been shy cause I didn’t feel like I was good enough. It took years for me to build enough confidence to not care anymore. What was important was that I was happy and having fun.

And so here I am… Mixing two of my passions together: travel and dance. More than taking dance videos showing choreography, I wanted to show the beauty of the city/country/travel spot that I visited. I just want to show cities from around the world and what better way than to have fun by dancing around the city? :)

Each video from this series will show choreography combo to one song, being shot in different spots around the city that I traveled to. I’m primarily doing it just because it’s fun, but if others watch it whether to see a perky smiley dancing girl or for taking a peek at a city’s beauty, then I would be even happier.

So, here it is… A new series on The Neverlander… My “done-for-fun” project… Nix Dancing Around The World. :D

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Who is Nix?

Hi, I’m Nix!
Bubbly kid at heart who’s intensely addicted to laughter & chasing dreams.
A female Peter Pan of sorts aspiring to inspire others to live the Neverlander life with 2 simple rules: Think Happy Thoughts &
No Growing Up!

Currently in Belgrade, Serbia.

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