My name is Janice Maglasang.

My friends call me “Nix” and my closest friends call me “weird”.

As a multipotentialite-slash-Renaissance Person, I am an unrelentless, restless soul who’s constantly collecting habits, hobbies, skills, interests, stories, memories and people.  I am self-diagnosed with an allergy to boredom, which is why I persistently do things to shake things up in my life. No crazy girls gone wild story here though (okay maybe a couple lol), but rather, stories of adventures and misadventures, a continuous search for new, exciting things to do, and a never ceasing job as a unicorn who helps out more than she should.

I am energetic and bubbly always, and uninterested with life only never. My passions include dancing, cheerleading, coaching, singing, writing, helping people, travelling, reading, eating and best of all — laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

I hope to find my purpose and to find the thing I’m destined to do the rest of my life, while being deadset on leaving my footprints in all parts of the world in the meantime.

Due to a difficult childhood where I was forced to grow up too fast, I relate to Michael Jackson and Benjamin Button—two figures who are known for their “reverse aging”. It took me quite some time, but the older I got, the more I allowed myself the luxury of indulging in a childhood I never got. I don’t mean acting childish and bratty. But that I decided to live my life the way a child does: Happy, playful and with a mindset that believes I can do/want/have/be anything.

When I decided to embrace my reverse aging with wild abandon, it brought me so much fulfilment in my life. More than the realization of my many goals and ambitions, I also quite like being in a constant state of happiness despite difficulties. There may be some people who question my personality and outlook. Even so far as ostracizing me for it. But no matter what, I still choose to be me and I have never and will never conform to anything that will compromise who I am.

In all my years of coaching and of being who I am to others, I realized I have a knack for helping people. Based on other people’s words, I am usually inspiring change, pushing people to be better, driving them to want more, guiding them to achieving dreams, generally all sorts of personal betterment.

In the assumption that they weren’t drunk or paid to say such kind words…

Hearing these only made me want to do more and hope to touch more people’s lives.

At the moment, I am based in Istanbul, Turkey for the past two years. My full time job in Istanbul is working as a Native English teacher at private schools. My part time job is dancing for the best dance studio in Turkey: Dans Fabrika. I do dance jobs when casted and when it doesn’t clash with my English teacher schedule. I’ve also recently started teaching at the studio for the Dans Fabrika Dance Camp, and also for private lessons.

Even when living in a different country, I also still continue to fulfill my duties as Director of External Affairs for one of my family’s companies: FRVMFI. While living in Istanbul, it’s also easier for me to be able to travel around in Europe (my happy place hihi).


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